Protect your fluid from moisture and particles!

Every system or storage tank that contains a fluid, like a lubricant, is in danger of having it’s contents contaminated with moisture and particles coming from its environment. Not only that, the equipment itself, in turn, is in danger of corrosion on the inside due to this.

For our breathers, we use a clear indicator (silica gel). The color of the silica gel changes from  orange (active) to green (saturated) giving it’s user a clear and visible indication.

We’ve chosen to make it as user friendly as possible. Using a non-toxic desiccant and multiple plug and play adapters makes them fit almost any application. Using our slip-fit design, replacing a Crystal Products breather doesn’t take more than a minute.

Crystal Products


Air breather
80ml water adsorption
For use where space is limited.

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Air Breather
320ml water adsorption
Standard size breather.

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Air Breather
640ml water adsorption
maximum size breather.

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