RCI’s patented fuel purifiers still offer superior removal of heavy particulates and bulk free water. Our purifiers are an excellent starting point in any fuel filtration solution because they can remove up to 98% of free water and heavy particulate contamination. Inclusion of our filterless purifier can extend the lifespan of next-in-line filtration components.

The RCI Technologies fuel purifier utilizes a three-stage purification process using two well-known fuel separation principles, centrifugal force and coalescence. By using these two principles, water and other heavy contaminants are separated from the fuel. This eliminates fuel filter logging, related breakdowns, down time, and frequent filter replacements. As the fuel enters the purifier, it flows downward in a circular movement through an internal baffle system, entering the lower chamber of the purifier.

  1. The velocity of the fuel slows down considerably, allowing any free water droplets and other contaminants to maintain their mass and not emulsify with the fuel. These impurities accumulate and remain at the bottom of the purifier until purged
  2. The fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop any particulates and attract, by way of coalescence, any water droplets remaining.
  3. The fuel passes through our patented coalescence medium to ensure that any small water droplets or particulates will be coalesced out of the fuel stream. Only the clean fuel rises to the top, providing a cleaner-burning fuel for quicker ignition and better combustion. Keeping fuel clean helps to increase the engine’s dependability, power, and efficiency.


The RCI Technologies fuel Purifier® is simple to install and serves as a durable component to your fuel system. RCI Technologies also offers an optional water sensor kit, with an alarm signal,indicating purging is required.

  • Preserves fuel and engine life
  • Lasts the lifetime of your equipment
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduces equipment breakdowns
  • Extends life of filters


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Patented RCI Purifiers®

FP 50

1,9 ltr / min
114 ltr / Hr

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FP 80

3,8 ltr / min
228 ltr / Hr

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FP 400

7,6 ltr / min
456 ltr / Hr

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FP 700

26,5 ltr / min
1590 ltr / Hr

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FP 800

56,8 ltr / min
3408 ltr / Hr

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FP 1000

150,8 ltr / min
9084 ltr / Hr

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FP 1500

340,7 ltr / min
20.442 ltr / Hr

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FP 2000

378,5 ltr / min
22.710 ltr / Hr

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FP 3000

757,1 ltr / min
45.426 ltr / Hr

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FP 4000

1514 ltr / min
90.840 ltr / Hr

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